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  • Lathe Work

  • Mill Work

  • Barrel Crowning

  • ​Drilling and Tapping

  • Muzzle Breaks


machining 1911
Machining set up 1911
Precison measuring instruments for chambering rifles

With years of experience operating a milling machine and lathe Joshuah Yauch has mastered his machining skills. Offering general machining jobs to more complex projects.  

precision Crown Yauch 1911
Chambering Stiller Tac 30
  • Serrations 

  • Sight Dovetails

  • Slide Lightening/Machine cuts

  • Shotgun Choke Work

  • Barrel Porting

  • Barrel Chambering and barrel contouring

  • Fluting




  • CNC machining 

  • EDM 

  • CAD design

  • Laser Engraving

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